Being Green

Being Green

Jiffy Lube believes in being “Green.” We're a green leader in the auto service industry. We recycle many products we use in our everyday business.

Here is an estimate of materials the Phoenix Metro Jiffy Lube stores have recycled in the past year:

• Used Motor Oils (Over 600,000 gallons)
• Used Batteries (Over 5,000)
• Used Antifreeze and coolant (Over 65,000 gallons)
• Used Transmission Fluids (Over 40,000 gallons)

Did you know?
Reprocessing is the most common method of recycling used oil in the United States. Used oil is reprocessed and marketed to some of the businesses below:

• Asphalt Plants
• Industrial boilers (factories)
• Utility boilers (electric power plants for schools, homes, etc)
• Steel mills
• Pulp and paper mills

Used antifreeze can be recycled for use by the mining industry, which sprays it on coal to keep it from sticking together and the glycol industry, which uses it as an airplane de-icing solution. It is also used in cement grinding and brake fluid.